Fleur de sel is truly a cut above other sea salt! It all comes down to how it’s harvested, which is a different process compared to other sea salt types. This grade is called “fleur de sel” (“salt flower” in Italian) because it is the finest, lightest grade and floats in white “blooms” on the sea’s surface. It requires very delicate handling to be harvested! The result is a much fluffier, lighter salt with more intense flavor. We suggest using it in smaller quantities or as a finishing salt, and to save your typical sea salt for using in larger amounts. (To use fleur de sel in large amounts, try dissolving it into a brine or water solution to keep the flavor in your cooking mild!)

No, it contains gluten! We use a premium durum semolina, which is a type of wheat, and all wheat contains gluten.

We use a recipe of premium durum semolina, eggs, wheat germ, and water. Only whole, pure ingredients, and nothing artificial. The pasta is very slowly dried at low temperatures, which is how the best artisanal Italian pasta is always made.

Fleur de sel is best for seafood, fish, and meats that could use a little extra seasoning (like white meat and poultry). A small amount in a vinaigrette recipe goes a long way, and it can be an amazing accent for pasta sauces. It’s a classic finishing salt, so try adding a pinch to your plate right before a meal to really bring out its flavors!


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