All our olive oils are made in Italy from 100% Italian olives, each one grown in local olive groves. Most are sourced from Liguria, Italy, one of the most famous and best climates for growing olives in the world. Our olives are pressed into oil at a mill located in the small village of Imperia, Liguria.

We harvest our olives fresh and at the peak of maturity. We then quickly clean and remove dirt, leaves, and other natural debris from them before pressing into oil. Olives are immediately sent out to be cold pressed right away after picking, which is essential to meeting extra virgin standards. Thanks to a special centrifuge decanter, we naturally separate only the very best quality oils from processed olive pulp during the process. The final oil is then sent out for bottling in our factory in steel tanks, which helps preserve its highest quality, flavor, color, and texture.

Extra virgin means the oil is made using the highest quality techniques possible. These have been developed over generations, if not centuries, to capture the very best in flavor, texture, and health benefits from olives, and ensures an exceptional culinary experience. The most important method for making extra virgin olive oil is immediate cold pressing! Storing harvested olives for too long (as in other oil-making techniques) causes fermentation that interferes with superb extra virgin taste. This storage also runs the risk of olives losing their natural healthy antioxidants, making extra virgin the healthiest grade. This is why we send our olives to the press right away after harvesting! For more information on differences between extra virgin and other olive oil grades, read our blog post.


First, natural chili pepper flavoring is added to the actual body of the oil. We then add dehydrated red chili peppers directly to the oil, too. The peppers are produced by local expert Italian growers. Lastly, the oil is bottled and treated to be ready for shipment.

For most dishes and everyday cooking, we recommend our 33.8 fl.oz. extra virgin olive oil. It’s perfect for heating, roasting, frying, using cold, and practically every preparation! For a truly incredible and authentic extra virgin experience, our premium selection Taggiasca olive oil is best for using cold and captures the best olive flavors possible. For a delectable accent to any fish or seafood, try our extra virgin olive oil with lemon!


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